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Everything You Need To Know About Breast Pumps

As a mother-to-be, there are lots of things you need to learn before your baby is born. From diaper types, clothing sizes, nutrition information, to breast pumps, there are a lot of questions. Today we are going to cover everything you need to know about breast pumps so that you are prepared for when your little guy or gal enters this world.

Avent Breast Pump at Amcal are imperative pieces to a mothers must-haves collection. Regardless of whether you plan on breastfeeding or not, breast pumps are handy to have in certain situations. Since the passing of the Affordable Car Act, mothers are typically covered to purchase a new pump under their insurance policy. Most insurance plans also cover a visit to a lactation specialist who can show you how to properly use it.

Types of Breast Pumps 

There are two broad categories of breast pumps that are offered. These include manual and electronic breast pumps. The electronic pumps can be found in both single breast and double breast setups. Depending on how often you want to use your pump, one of the two options will be better suited than the other.

Manual pumps are good for mothers who mainly plan to breastfeed. These are great to have just in case you run into a situation where you are unable to nurse your baby. This can include times where you baby may get oral thrush. It’s best to use the pump and feed your baby by bottle until the thrush clears up.

Electronic pumps are more expensive and ideal for mothers who plan to pump after the first few weeks. These breast pumps are easy for you to pump when you need to go back to work and at other times when you are not able to nurse your baby.

These electronic Tommee Tippee Breast Pump at Amcal Online can come with a variety of different options. All of these are intended to help the mother with convenience. Some come with various sucking patterns that allow the mother to alter the rhythm depending on how their nipple and breast feel at the time of pumping. This can help to stimulate the breasts at times when milk flow is evidently low.

Safety Measures 

Don’t ever, we repeat ever, borrow a breast pump. Apart from the hospital-grade pumps that are closed systems, all other breast pumps are open systems. This means that the milk flows through mechanical parts. It’s very hard to completely clean these pumps and any leftover residue could harbor harmful bacteria. For the sake of your newborn’s health, don’t ever borrow a breast pump.

Ensure you get the proper breast shield fit. Contrary to popular belief, breast shields are not fitted by breast size. Rather these shields are fitted by nipple size. Trying on a few different sizes will help you to determine the right size for you. And realize that most women have two different nipples sizes. One breast may take one size, while the other may take another size. It’s best to try sizes on both breasts so you have an ideal fit with each.

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