Using Musashi Protein

How Should You Take Musashi Protein?

Musashi Protein has a large array of products that will be sure to fit the need of every individual consumer out there. It’s common knowledge that getting more protein in your diet means the difference between gaining lean muscle mass and not. This holds especially true for those over the age of fifty, as their protein synthesis rate decreases.

Amcal Musashi Protein Powder comes in three different forms. These include protein bars, boxed milk drinks, and protein powders. Musashi Protein also offers numerous flavors in all of these forms. This allows for a good mix of possible ways for you to get your daily protein intake without ever getting bored of the same old stuff.

Image for Musashi P45 Cookies & Cream Bar - 90g from Amcal

The options don’t stop there either. Musashi Protein has various products to help with specific protein needs. These include mass builders, low carbohydrate products, fat burners, high protein products, and muscle recovery formulas. No matter what your individual protein need is, Musashi Protein can help.

Image for Musashi BULK Extreme Choc Mint Protein Powder - 2.25kg from Amcal

If your stomach is very sensitive to some of the protein products that you have tried in the past, Musashi has the cure. We do suggest starting off with a regular protein bar, milk, or powder to see if the Amcal Cookies Cream Bar has the same effect on your stomach as the other brands of protein.

If you notice your stomach is still sensitive with Musashi Protein, we recommend purchasing one of the products that are specifically made with protein isolate. These tend to be lighter on sensitive stomachs, which helps those who have them still get their necessary daily intake of protein without the regular hassle of other products.

Musashi Protein products come in a variety of different flavors. The powders for protein shakes typically are available in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. There are some other options mixed in with each type of powder, however, each type usually has these three basic flavors.

The protein bars come in salted caramel, dark chocolate mint, coconut, cookies and cream, hazelnut, fudge, brownie, peanut, and a few other ones. There really are a ton of options for those picky ones out there. And the best part is that you can change up your flavors every day so you are not stuck with the same flavor over and over again. This is a major advantage over other protein brands, as they mainly come in three basic flavors that can get real old, real quick.

Lastly, we have the boxed milk. This is a fairly new product that allows for quick access to protein in the morning or right after your workout. This is ideal for those who don’t have time to eat a bar or mix up a shake. Right now, these come in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

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